Is it possible to wear the light?

For several year the fiber optic it has been used in fashion and interior decoration, but the use was limited for fashion shows, photoshooting and catwalk. Now, DreamLux finally created a complete collection, from the Shirts to the Cocktail and Gala Dress, “ready to wear” with the most innovative concept of “wearing the light” The fiber optic is completely safe, powered by USB lithium rechargeable battery , that last more than 20 hours ( you’ll have all the time for show off your amazing dress under the incredulous eyes of the people).

We are always looking for something news and i have to tell you, this collection is simply unbelievable!! You can have a look here.. (fashion division) and select which one you prefer. Yes, you can also handwash your dress and just hang it to dry and i twill become new.

Consider that in every dress you have more than 2 kilometers of fiber optic and you can start to use it in a lounge cocktail, just when the sun is setting, but the WOW effect will arrive during the dinner , if OUTSIDE is perfect, you will always want to stand up for a smoke or going to toilet, because EVERYONE will look at your style.

Of course our Magic Hours will be in the night.. walking in la Croisette of Cannes, for a party in Monte-Carlo, or a night walk in Rome. Wherever you are… please be aware not to be shy! The eyes will be on you!