1. What is the Fiber Optic Fabric (luminous fabric)?

The Fiber Optic Fabric is a fabric that litterally lights up (light emitting fabric); It is
made out of ultra-thin optical fibers, directly woven with synthetic fibers. The optical fibers are specially processed in order to allow the light to be emitted
along the full length of the fibers (side emitting fibers).

The optical fibers are then connected to ultra-bright LEDs (embedded in borders at theedge of the fabric). These LEDs, in conjunction with the woven fiber optics, are whatinject light into the fabric making it luminous.

The Fiber Optic Fabric is available in several colors. It is water resistant and can be washed. The main applications of the Fiber Optic Fabric technology are light up clothing, home decoration, interior architecture, stage decoration (fiber optic curtains), luxury yacht or cars decoration, furniture, special events...


2. what are the handling instructions for the Fiber Optic Fabric, and
products made with this fabric?

The Fiber Optic Fabric is as fast and flexible as any other synthetic fabric.
However, unlike other synthetic fabrics, you should not completely fold (like a sheet of paper) the fabric perpendicularly to the optical fibers, otherwise this may permanently damage or break the optical fibers.

The Fiber Optic Fabric can be folded parallel to the optical fibers.

If you are unsure about the way to fold your luminous fabric item, then do not fold it at all or contact us for guidance.


3. How can I clean my fiber optic fabric clothing, decor, and accessories?

The Fiber Optic Fabric can be gently hand washed with water up to 50°C (120 degrees fahrenheit) and natural soap. The batteries must be mandatory removed prior to washing. Do not immerse the fiber optical fabric.

The Fiber Optic Fabric must not be washed in washing machine, folded (pressed) or dried. Do not iron the luminous fabric.

To dry and smooth your fiber optic fabric products, simply hang them on a clothing hanger.


4. Does the Fiber Optic Fabric emit its own light or is it a reflective

The fiber optic fabric is a non-reflective material that transmits and emits light through optical fibers connected to LED lights.


5. Is the light of the Fiber Optic Fabric clearly visible in broad daylight?

Standard brightness fabric:

this fabric is used for all our battery powered items: clothing, cushions, bags, chair covers, battery powered custom panels,...). It can also be used for AC powered items.

The Fabric emits a light that is slightly visible in broad daylight, but is best viewed in dark or shadowed areas.

High brightness fabric:

this fabric can be used for all our AC powered items: tablecloths, curtains, custom panels,... The Fabric emits a light that is visible in daylight.


6. Can I switch the light of my fiber optic fabric products on and off?

Yes, all of our battery powered products include an on/off switch on the battery pack that lets you control when your items are lit up.


7. What kind of power sources are necessary for the Fiber Optic Fabric or
products made with this fabric?

The Fiber Optic Fabric can be supplied directly by 110/220 Volt using a small
transformer. Both rechargeable and traditional batteries can be used in
mobile/wearable applications to provide high performance lighting (bags, clothes or any other mobile item). The battery pack are hidden in a cleverly placed pocket, or pockets depending on the piece.

All our products are shipped with the selected type of power supply (batteries or AC adapters).


8. Is there any risk of electrical shock wearing the luminous clothes, do
they heat up?

There is absolutely no risk of shock or electrocution, as all of our items that are are powered by low voltage batteries (3V or 4.5V).

The Fiber Optic Fabric does not heat up when lit.


9. What are the light colors that are available?

There are several different colors available, depending on the type of electronic
module or LED used with the fabric. We currently offer cold white, warm white, gold, red, blue, green, and capri water (cyan).